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The D. L. Falk team was very responsive to the tight schedule, kept change order costs down, was prompt in the RFI and submittal process, and the quality of work met our expectations. Although this would seem to be small potatoes by many general contractors, David Falk, President of the company, took a personal interest in this project (regardless of its scope) to ensure that all was going well and to the degree there was an issue , he reacted quickly on its resolution even through all the final punch list items.

Louise Pacheco, Construction Project Manager | Sequoia Union High School District

There were some significant unforeseen conditions that were caused by historical roof leaks that affected the overall project schedule but D. L. Falk was proactive in completing the project to the satisfaction of the owner. I would recommend D. L. Falk for a similar project in the future.

Mark Finney, Principal | Sugimura Finney Architects

It is my opinion that the work was done in a very professional manner considering the difficult conditions encountered during construction.

Michael Henley, Principal | Michael Henley & Co.

D.L. Falk successfully completed the project according to plans and specifications within the allotted time period provided and closed out the project quickly. During the course of the project there were unforeseen issues that came up and DL Falk’s staff took a proactive approach to resolving these issues. I would recommend DL Falk on a future project of similar nature.

Jerry Furman, President | Furman & Associates Inc.

I am pleased and found D. L. Falk to be professional and responsive during the project. D. L. Falk staff were able to work well with the design team to avoid potential issues and stepped up to keep the project moving to avoid delays.

Dale McCourt, Construction Manager | East Bay Regional Parks District

We found D. L. Falk to be a contractor that takes a proactive approach to resolving issues in the most cost and time efficient manner. The office staff was also very cooperative and played active roles in facilitating the completion of the project.

Keith L. Woods, Project Inspector | Keith Woods Construction Inspections

Falk followed the project’s plan and specifications, asked proper questions, and issued change order pricing that is fair and reasonable. Falk worked diligently to maintain an acceptable schedule. The District plans to move its staff and return to the building on the date originally planned. It has been a pleasure working with D. L. Falk on this project and I recommend them for future projects.

Edgar Lopez, Senior Engineer | Contra Costa Sanitary District

The building is beautiful and staff is extremely excited to move in. There is quality workmanship throughout the building, and the finishes are lovely. It has been a pleasure to work with Charlie Slack onsite during the project, as well as Greg Schmidt and Alicia Halliday at the project’s beginning.

Chuck Griffen, Financial & Administrative Services Manager | Santa Clara County Library District

Critical Solutions has worked with D.L. Falk on the Pleasant Hill Community Center project since fall of 2012. D.L. Falk has been professional and has performed work to a high standard.

Allan France, Senior Construction Manager | Critical Solutions, Inc.

D. L. Falk’s staff and representatives are professionally courteous and knowledgable, with a willingness to cooperatively problem-solve in the field and at the meeting table. The inspection reports have clearly indicated that D.L. Falk is building a quality product and following the plans and specifications of the architect.

Carrie Miller, Superintendent, Building Maintenance | Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District

We would have no reservations about hiring D.L. Falk Construction for any future projects.

Philip D. White, Fire Chief | San Jose Fire Department

As Construction Manager for the San Lorenzo Unified School District, I worked directly with with D.L. Falk Construction and the firm’s Vice President, Janice Sutton. I found the firm to be professional and responsive throughout the projects. They were particularly sensitive to catering to school schedules and teachers.

Prachi Amin, Construction Manager | San Lorenzo Unified School District

As the Director of Facility Planning and Construction, I worked directly with D.L. Falk Construction. I found them to be professional and responsive throughout the projects. D.L. Falk worked closely with the District to accommodate the needs of a working school campus… In summary I would recommend D.L. Falk Construction as an excellent team contractor and it would be my pleasure to work with them again.

Ahmad Sheikholeslami, P.E., Director of Facility Planning and Construction | Menlo Park City School District

D.L. Falk professionalism, technical knowledge, safety practices and efforts to coordinate the work with City Staff, project architect and inspector made the project run smoothly with minimal or no inconvenience with Pro Shop users and with the public.

Rodrigo Z. Macaraeg, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer | Public Works - Construction Section City Of Mountain View

In spite of obstacles, DL Falk Construction approached them in a professional manner and persevered, ultimately producing a final product enjoyed by the staff and students alike.

Forrest Lewis, Construction Manager | Parsons

Falk had proven to be exceptionally capable in all aspects related to the projects with impressive knowledge and the ability to work as a team player to to accomplish the goals and complete the project on time.

Ronald Scott, Inspector of Record | Code Compliance Group Inc.

Falk Construction not only completed the project on time and with minimal change orders, but worked diligently after hours and on week-ends to accommodate the tight schedule.

Sean Lindh, Construction Manager | Fremont Unified School District

Outstanding level of of technical expertise, project supervision and overall project management.

Kerry E. Burns, Director of New Construction | City of Livermore

Performed well above the city’s expectations, and made the extra effort to stay at the sir and resolve any issue in a timely manner.

Robert Gennoy, Senior Engineering Technician | City of Livermore

It has been a great pleasure working with David Falk of D.L. Falk, Inc. on the 1947 Center Street facilities project. This $6M dollar project was managed very successfully by D.L. Falk, especially during day to day challenges. David was available when needed and he approached obstacles with a problem-solving mind, which was key to completing the project under budget. David is a team player with a very pleasant and professional character and I look forward to working with him and D.L. Falk again in the future.

City Engineer | City of Berkeley

I am very glad to provide this letter of recommendation for D.L. Falk Construction, Inc., who was the General Contractor for the City of Hayward's Fire Station 7 & Firehouse Clinic project - an $8 million project. D.L. Falk is the contractor you will want to have on a challenging project. They were very focused on delivering a quality project and had the attitude of working with the City to find solutions for challenges that came up. I would definitely hire D.L. Falk again to work on a City building construction project.

City Engineer | City of Hayward

I had the pleasure of working with David Falk of D.L. Falk, Inc. on the Library project at De Anza College. Regardless of how challenging things may become on a day to day basis, David was consistent with being a team player and staying focused on driving the completion, approaching every situation with a pleasant and professional demeanor. David's experience and knowledge of the industry proved to be advantageous; and he is able to utilize his resources when needed. David developed and maintained a good relationship with the client, design team, subcontractors and inspectors, and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with him in the future.

Gilbane Construction Management | San Jose, CA

I am writing this as a reference of approval on behalf of the D.L. Falk team that has been assembled for Phase one of the San Lorenzo Community Park Renovation Project; particularly Brian Adams, Greg Schmidt, and Amber Patrich. D.L. Falk was approved by the HARD Board of Directors to complete the Phase I Renovation of San Lorenzo Community Park. This first phase is greater than 17 acres, more than $11,000,000 and is one of the largest projects the District has taken on. The Renovation Project includes a new pond, boardwalk, pump station, well, sports fields, amphitheater, several picnic areas, restrooms, concession building, as well as many other play features and shade structures. D.L. Falk has been very responsive, attentive, and has worked diligently with the sub-contractors to bring us to a point in the project that is approaching completion. The Project Superintendent Brian Adams has been on site through each day of construction. Brian is focused on the details and has always been a true professional. I enjoy working with the D.L. Falk Team and look forward to closing out this project with them as well as future opportunities to work with them again.

HARD Superintendent & Manger of Facilities | Hayward, CA

I recently worked with Nick Schmidt from D.L. Falk Construction at Mission College. It was a $7.8 mil project when it was completed. I found Nick to be very responsive and knowledgeable. He was very professional in working around students and staff as the project was set in the middle of a functioning college campus. He seemed to have a great handle on the project and his sub-contractors. D.L. Falk as a company performed very well and was great to work with. I would look forward to any future opportunity to work with Nick and his team again.

Gilbane Construction Management | San Jose, CA

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